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The Little Team That Could

AFE’s TARC team is at it again! This year the challenge requires flying a raw egg to an altitude of 775′ and landing the payload in 42-44 seconds. Last year AFE beat out over 650 teams and placed in the top 100, this year we aim to do even better!


We’ve started test flights!

Our team has started test flying and the process of simulate-fly-modify-simulate again. Through careful revision we intended to dial in on the target 775′ and 42-44 second flight goals.



Meet the 2017 Team

The 2017 AFE (Awesome Flying EGGventure) TARC team is made up of five dedicated homeschoolers in Santa Cruz. In our 3rd year, we continue to have a team that’s designed to have fun through rocket science: fun through the design stage, fun with the building stage, and fun during the launches. With the support of our AFE teacher mentor Jasmin Gerer, this is the “ultimate way to get the full STEM experience in high school!”


2nd Year Member & 2017 Team Captain Aidan Brekka: This is my second year with the team. The reason I enjoy doing TARC so much, is that it gives me an opportunity to learn more about the physics behind rockets. I really enjoy the physical science part of the team, and I guess that is the real highlight for me. Outside of rocketry, I enjoy playing volleyball, hiking, and being out in nature.

3rd Year Member Benjamin Kolland (2015 captain/2016 co-captain): This is my 3rd year. Going from a concept in a simulation to a rocket leaving the launch pad is very challenging, and the results are very rewarding, and doing it as a team makes for a much more fun journey. I’m a senior, I am a board member in the local JSA (a sort of debate club), I enjoy the outdoors, and I’m an avid photographer, including rocket photography of course.

3rd Year Member Keith Veditz (2016 co-captain): I’m a senior this year. I participate in TARC because every year the design restrictions for the rocket change and I enjoy the engineering challenge. To be part a small team that has managed to compete quite heavily with teams who have better support programs is a great achievement.

Outside of school, I’m an avid video game player. During high school I’ve has studied Latin and taken several Shakespeare classes. 

2nd Year Member Hunter Bauman: I am in 8th grade and am the youngest member of the team. I do TARC because it lets me learn and experience things I never even thought were possible and seeing the rocket we build fly is the best feeling ever. I am really looking forward to seeing how far we are able to go this year.   

Outside of TARC and STEM activities I play flute, piano, and am a second degree black belt. I am also part of the Santa Cruz County Youth Symphony. 


2nd Year Member Jennifer Veditz: I’m the only girl on the team. I do TARC because I want to learn new skills, meet new people, go to new places, and have fun. Outside of TARC, I like to draw, read, play outside, climb trees, talk with friends, and play computer games.