We qualified for Nationals!  

The AFE TARC Team from Santa Cruz is traveling to Washington D.C. for the Team America Rocketry Challenge final fly-offs in Virginia in May. They flew their qualifying flights and are practicing for Finals now!  AFE is one of only three Northern California teams who qualified.TARC_Quals_2016P1050224 - Version 2

We Finished Our Qual Flights!

We finished their qualifying flights on Wed, 3/23 with a combined score of 34.6. Now we wait for an announcement on 4/8/16 to find out whether our score qualifies us for nationals in Virginia. Last year’s combined score of 44 placed us 108th — with the top 100 teams qualifying for national competition. So our fingers are crossed!

P1050153 - Version 2

<AFE “TARC Orange” takes off on a test run the day of qualifying flights.>


This week we finished up both new rockets including new boosters, payloads, and couplers. Both rockets got amazing paint jobs from Aidan and Jonah. We also got a beautiful new launch pad for our prospective launch site at the Watsonville fairgrounds! This new launch site will be very useful, as we will not be able to launch at Moffett due to unforeseen legal troubles with the site. As an added benefit, this new site will be a lot closer!



This week we proceeded with building two new rockets after determining the previous two would not satisfy the TARC height goal. These rockets will have 29mm motor mounts instead of the previous set’s 24mm. We cut the rockets’ body tubes to a shorter length to reduce drag. We also built two new coolers to contain the same payload space in a shorter rocket. Both rockets were sent home with Aidan and Jonah to be painted.